Archaeological Museum

of Gazzo Veronese

Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Gazzo Veronese helps you learn more about the local life during the Neolithic and Roman Age. Situated near the river Tartaro and the Romanic Santa Maria Church, inside the Villa Parolin Poggiani, this museum exhibits flint daggers, amphoras, oil lamps and coins coming from the nearby areas of Ronchetrin, Copi Romani, Maccacari, Mulino, Colombara, Dosso del Pol and Coazze.


Archaelogical Museum


Via Piazza Gazzo, 14
37060 Gazzo Veronese (Verona)

Opening hours

The museum can be visited only by appointment. The villa is now under restoration, so it cannot be visited (except for the ground floor, where the museum is set up).


Information on www.tourism.verona.it

For more information

Phone number: 0442/550299 – 0442/579000
Mobile phone: 3474320270 (Attendant)