Villa Brà and

Peasant Life Museum

This museum is set up in a seventeenth-century villa in the countryside of Bonferraro di Sorgà and it aims to preserve all the memories related with the past peasant life. You can see reconstructed rooms and spaces where families would spend their days: a laundry, smith, shoemaker and carpenter shops, but also carriages, work tools, wicker baskets and wine barrels. All this remarkably and neatly restores a long gone atmosphere and shows how life has changed.


Ethnographic Museum


Via Dante 7/c
37060 Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR)

Opening hours

From April to October. On the third Sunday of every month: 16:00-19:00. Groups of more than 5 people can visit the museum by appointment. Free offer.


Information on www.tourism.verona.it

For more information

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Website: www.villabra.com/museo.php